Intensive Nutrition to Overcome Multiple Sclerosis

Dr. Terry Wahls is a professor of medicine at the University of Iowa and has been battling Multiple Sclerosis since the winter of 2000. After her symptoms progressed to near complete debilitation, Dr. Wahls began restudying the available medical literature on the disease with immense intensity. Her findings have led her to a miraculous recovery within less than a year. This is her remarkable story:

By Dr. Terry Wahls

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4 Responses to Intensive Nutrition to Overcome Multiple Sclerosis

  1. Martha Burton says:

    Also, this on cooking with olive oil … “… when any oil reaches its smoke point (about 410 degrees for olive oil), it will degrade, oxidize (a process that damages the fat molecules), and partially hydrogenate, creating harmful trans fats. But you don’t need to get oil that hot to sauté vegetables (300 degrees) or even to fry breaded items (340 degrees). Although those lower temperatures may damage some of the flavonoids, the loss will be trivial.”

  2. Martha Burton says:

    I’ve been keeping my weight low to keep from hauling around extra pounds. My biggest challenge will be not losing more. I’m back to taking 2T of coconut oil a day in addition to cooking with it.

  3. mitzi says:

    Thank You !!
    Yes, nutrition works

  4. Mike Bailey says:

    Great work Terry.  Please be aware of the work of Victoria Boutenko who demonstrated clinically – Consuming Greens after blending is a Vita-Mix blender dramatically increased bio-availability of the nutrients.   Thanks  Mike Bailey

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