Drugs are not the Answer. Let Food, Good Wholesome Food Be Thy Medicine.” – Dr. Terry Wahls

Mission Statement:

The Wahls Foundation, Inc. is a nonprofit entity created May 11, 2011 whose mission is to educate the public and health-care practitioners about the benefits of an integrative approach to optimal health for those with multiple sclerosis and other chronic disease issues, emphasizing adoption of health behaviors. This integrative approach includes intensive directed nutrition, exercise, neuromuscular electrical stimulation and other health promoting behaviors. The Wahls Foundation Inc. also supports clinical trials that test the benefits of this comprehensive integrative approach.

At the end of this calendar year, the first wave of participants will have finished their 12 months in the study. Although many are asking to continue in the study, we unfortunately do not have funds to keep following them. That means we are missing an opportunity to understand how much more improvement they might experience were they able to continue with the interventions for a longer period. Furthermore, having more data from our subjects would make for stronger grant applications to larger entities like the National MS Society and NIH.

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